Happy new year 2011, a prime year !!

The mathematicien in me, who never really slept, says that 2011 is a prime number. This will be a prime year. What to wish, then ? To the enterprises, to switch to collaborative mode, for Internet is not an issue, but the solution to create more value To the world of politic, to increase the… Read More »

Why enterprises should open their APIs

The information system of any enterprise is generally a closed system. This is not necessarily for fear of intrusion, or malicious, but because the basic philosophy of the industrial world is that there is life in the company, and a life outside of the company, and that the boundary between the two should be simple:… Read More »

What is Qwiki ???

Louis Monier is french (I happened to meet him), living in the Silicon Valley, and is well known for being the creator of Altavista. He then moved to ebay, and Google. And he just created Qwiki. What is Qwiki? from Qwiki on Vimeo. At first glance, Qwiki is supposed to be your talking personal assistant.… Read More »

Facebook, the future operating system of the Internet ?

Facebook is, apparently, a social network. Let us point out that a social network is not a directory of persons, but a directory of links. The underlying principle is the Six Degrees Of Separation theory, which says that between any two people on earth, there are no more than five intermediaries. Take a bushman, for… Read More »

The impact of future Government services on network neutrality

I have had a very interesting discussion with Trevor Barr, professor at Swinburne University of Technology. Trevor in an expert in Telecommunication, and is often consulted by the Australian Government, with a recent focus on the National Broadband Network (NBN) initiative. Trevor is developing an idea which I find very interesting, and innovative. He says… Read More »

What iPad can be used for…

How have I done this ? FIrst of all, I found a very reasonably priced site for downloading scores : pianopublicdomain. Then, owing to dropbox, I have put those files on the cloud. I finlly used goodreader to uplod files from dropbox onto the iPad. Overall, let us not forget the splendid half grand pleyel… Read More »

About Second life, and virtual worlds…

Second Life has recently generated a lot of buzz. It all starts with a post on their web site : restructuring. More precisely, 30% of employees are fired, and their Singapore office closes. I have seen many analysis of this, talking about too much business orientation, or a step back to B2C. It is a… Read More »

Individual incentive, and collaborative work

Yesterday I was at a conference with Frédéric Lippi, one of the two managers of Lippi, the 300-employee company that moved to an Enterprise 2.0 model, as I described here. Amongst the managerial decisions they took, was one to abandon any individual incentives. What Frédéric said is, “You can’t tell people to work in a collaborative way,… Read More »

The innovative side of wikipedia

Many things has been said about wikipedia, good ones, and bad ones. The fight is huge, between those who still believe in content written by experts, and those who say that the quality of wikipedia is at the same level as any other encyclopedia. The comparison made by Nature between wikipedia and encyclopaedia Brittanica, which… Read More »

About facebook

Facebook is amongst the weirdest social site in the whole world wide web. Facebook is not as crazy as datemypet, which pretends to be a social network for animals, not as specialised as sermo, a social network of doctors, not as business as Mechanical turk, a platform to put together small knowledge workers, not as… Read More »