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After Mark Kingdon’s visit to Paris

I had the opportunity to meet, amongst other people, Mark Kingdon, who came in Paris to update on the situation at Linden Lab. He was with Catherine Smith VP marketing, Judy Wade VP Emerging business, and Frank Ambrose VP Global technology. Mark started with some facts which, even thought they have been published, are worth… Read More »

Some thoughts about Internet and Innovation

Some times ago, I was doing a conference for Lunch@Circle, a French think tank. And they interviewed me. It is a condensed form of all my thoughts about the fact that innovation carried by Internet takes its sources on the way Internet was built. Looking at the governance of the Internet enlights the dramatic paradigm… Read More »

The four modes of codesign

Upon the new forms of relationship which are impacted by the Internet, one for sure is the relationship between customers and corporate companies. One of them is codesign. What is it about ? Well, since a long time, the passionates have been always keen not only to comment about the product or services, but to… Read More »