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Google+1 real statistics…

I am a big fan of Gary Hayes Social media counter, which I use in all my conferences, and constantly has a huge success. Interestingly, I have always the same question : “is it really in real time” and of course, the answer is no, Gary keeps on finding sources for computing derivatives, and introduces… Read More »

Do corporate understand knowledge workers ?

It begins with a little unimportant event. I was at Washington Ronald Reagan airport, having a Delta flight to Boston. Being a Air France platinium, I used to have access to the lounge in the US, Delta being a member of sky team. I therefore thought that I could step in, even with my french… Read More »

Happy new year 2011, a prime year !!

The mathematicien in me, who never really slept, says that 2011 is a prime number. This will be a prime year. What to wish, then ? To the enterprises, to switch to collaborative mode, for Internet is not an issue, but the solution to create more value To the world of politic, to increase the… Read More »

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What iPad can be used for…

How have I done this ? FIrst of all, I found a very reasonably priced site for downloading scores : pianopublicdomain. Then, owing to dropbox, I have put those files on the cloud. I finlly used goodreader to uplod files from dropbox onto the iPad. Overall, let us not forget the splendid half grand pleyel… Read More »

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About facebook

Facebook is amongst the weirdest social site in the whole world wide web. Facebook is not as crazy as datemypet, which pretends to be a social network for animals, not as specialised as sermo, a social network of doctors, not as business as Mechanical turk, a platform to put together small knowledge workers, not as… Read More »

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Information and energy : a little thought on quantum computing

Having heard Jean-Michel Billaut‘s conference yesterday on skype, I was interested by his thought about the four coming convergent ruptures : nanotechnology, synthetic biology, humanoid robots, and Green techs. I can understand about the first three, but I was more thinking about the fourth one. The question I had in mind was : can we have… Read More »

Is the Internet in danger ???

Google is quitting China, whether we like it or not. It was probably not an easy decision to take. In Burma, it is almost illegal to access the net. In North Korea, only lucky few can access. Some countries are filtering Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, or simple blogs. Reporters Without Borders keeps a list of “Internet… Read More »