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About the french “Graduate response” law

We are, in France, facing a big threat : the introduction of the graduate response bill, a law which would require Internet Service Providers to disconnect subscribers involved in multiple instances of illegal file-sharing (see here or here for some comprehensive understanding). Urgency procedure have been used to avoid multiple discussion and to pass the… Read More »

The paradoxe of long tail

I have seen many people, many post, many blogs, talking about the long tail. It is not my purpose here to explain what the long tail is. Well, it was  not. Until I realized that many people did not understand exactly what the long tail is. To make it brief, many people confuse the long… Read More »

A new business indicator for enterprise 2.0

Traditional business is usually a vertical one: companies buy raw material, assemble them, and create products and / or services which they deliver to customers. Even Google, one of the most recent powerful enterprise, is following this model : Google buys computers, adds an algorithm, and deliver a set of services (this is of course… Read More »

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