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A visit to Ishiguro’s lab

  At only 93 km away from the very old Buddhist city of Koya-San, is a most fascinating place : the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory, directed by Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro, which is part of Osaka University.  

Coming out of the Journal of virtual worlds research on digital economy

The volume 2 number 4 of Journal of Virtual Worlds Research is now available. Co-edited with Mandy Salomon, from CRC, the topic is : “Virtual economies, Virtual goods, and service delivery in Virtual Worlds” In this special edition on virtual world goods and trade, we are pleased to present articles covering a wide range of… Read More »

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Call for paper on virtual economies

A call for paper on Virtual economies, virtual goods and service delivery in virtual worlds has been posted in the Journal of Virtual World Research. Link is here : Deadlines: Abstract – June15, 2009. Full manuscript – November 1, 2009 Publication Date: December 15, 2009 Guest Editors: Mandy Salomon, Smart Internet Technology CRC,… Read More »

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