2014, the year of Digital Renaissance

By | 19/01/2014

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I used to talk about Internet disruptions.

Well, I have changed my mind, and I have decided to now focus on “Digital Renaissance”, which is reflected in the title of this blog. Why so ? What we are experiencing now is what people experienced during the Renaissance : being torn between the technology, which was moving very fast, and the sociology, which kept them in the old traditions; leading to a fight between the church and science, to name but one.

We now usually consider the Renaissance as a moment of creation of beauty. Yes, but we should not forget it was also a period of turmoil, of tension, of fights, all this creating floods of tears and blood.

Yes, in 2014 we have wars, conflicts. Yes, ages of darkness are upon us : our world is too much “politically correct”, thus becoming rigid; instead of laughing and enjoying our differences, we make them sources of conflicts. Yes, most supposedly democratic countries are watching the Internet, our private discussions and data, and are even making laws reinforcing the power of police to continue this.

But we are also nowadays experiencing superb technology breakthroughs. On the infinite side, we are the first generation to have seen (yes, seen !) exoplanets. On the micro side, we have started building quantum computers. Biology and technology are now combined, making symmetrical and asymmetrical molecules cooperating. And we now more and more explore, and therefore understand, the brain, opening a new exciting : neurotechnology.

I would like to offer you a 12 minutes conference which I delivered in Marseilles in October 2013, to an audience of 3000 CEOs, all members of the APM think tank. The theme was “Technological Renaissance”.

2014 will be a chaotic year. But, as innovation needs chaos to blossom, it will be a very interesting year.

Happy new 2014 ! The year of Digital Renaissance.



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