Happy new year 2011, a prime year !!

By | 03/01/2011

The mathematicien in me, who never really slept, says that 2011 is a prime number.

This will be a prime year.

What to wish, then ?

  • To the enterprises, to switch to collaborative mode, for Internet is not an issue, but the solution to create more value
  • To the world of politic, to increase the necessary speed and momentum to reach Government 2.0.
  • To everyone, to trust in the future, as there is no innovation without risk, and there is no risk without trust

Let us not forget thet the future is not in the stars, but in the head of those who build it.

I wish everybody to introduce joy and beauty in our common constructions !

time past, and time future,
what might have been, and what has been
point to one end, which is always present

Only through time time is conquered.


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