What is Qwiki ???

By | 28/09/2010

Louis Monier is french (I happened to meet him), living in the Silicon Valley, and is well known for being the creator of Altavista.

He then moved to ebay, and Google.

And he just created Qwiki.

What is Qwiki? from Qwiki on Vimeo.

At first glance, Qwiki is supposed to be your talking personal assistant. A sort of modern Dobby, who would be at your “info” service, and would search and tell you everything about any given topic. A synthetic visual & talking information system,

But not only. Everybody can set-up his own qwik, and create use cases. Some are displayed on their web site, still unaccessible.

So, Qwiki looks like a sort of combination of services such as liveplasma, pearltrees, paper.li, all those systems which somehow help you to create the synthesis of a whole bunch of information. Each owner of Pearltrees must order and arrange himself, but paper.li does it for you, based on your tweets and hastags. Qwiki could be a multimodal combination of both.

However, here is the disruption : story telling. Everybody knows that the best way to learn is by having fun. One way to do this is serious games. The other is to hear stories. This is how we all learned when we were young, we all remember the little red riding hood, who, by the way, is interesting only because of the existence of the big bad wolf… I recently met a CEO who had posted a 4 minutes video of him talking about his company, and who then received a lot of people wanting to work for him only because they liked the video. None of them had read the content of his web site…

So, if Qwiki is good enough to tell beautiful stories instead of sending links or sentences, then this service will be a killer one.

Now, back to two intellectual questions :

  • what sources will Qwiki search for ? Wikipedia is named, but what about youtube, dailymotion, twitter, google, blogs, the entire web, etc…
  • Is it a sharing tool, or only a personal tool accessible through many devices. How will I share my Qwiki with others ??? On which platforms?

And a last comment : I wish Qwiki to become a beautiful story !

I registered as an alpha user. I shall test.