What is twitter about ???

By | 15/11/2008

It took me some time to understand twitter. At first, what the hell is this idea that I should write any time, any place, with any device, what I am doing.

“Serge is at the bar ordering a vodka”

“Serge is having his vodka”

“Serge is drinking his vodka”

“The vodka is not cold enough”

“Serge breaks his 17th glass of Vodka on the floor”


Blahblahblah would say my good friend M., who knows a lot about this.

More interesting : in Twitter, I am followed… Yes, I am followed, and not by Stasi; by good friends. I am even followed by R.S., whom I know, but who, on the contrary, hardly knows me.

I am followed… Well, I start being afraid. And what if being followed leads to this, to what happened to the poor James “Jimmy” Shannon… Frightening.

Buster Keaton in Seven chances

Buster Keaton in Seven chances

However, when I realized that the usefulness of Twitter is greater when the friendly followers (followksonomy I would call it) are always on, 24/24 connected (or almost), it then reminded about IRC, the Internet Relay Chat, a planetary service widely used by communities, like the Open Source one, to exchange ideas, solve problems, discuss, etc.. A service that existed before the Internet; because, yes, many people forget: Internet is not the web, Internet is wider.

There are two ways to use twitter: as a blog (I say what I do and do not care about the interest of the reader, if any), or as a forum / IRC (I ask a question and see if any answer/question is generated by the network). The second one being, from my standpoint, pretty much useful for the future of mankind.

Twitter is at IRC what forums are to the Usenet hierarchy; what webmail is to standard pop3 accounts: a web revamping to an existing good old service, but in a somehow more top down manner.

That would change la donne, as says JMB, whose English is more than perfect, even when mâtiné de some French after a good beer in a bar at the NewYorker hotel.

Because, it does explain this article about spammo-twitterring !

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, why don’t we simply forget about web based solution, why don’t we go back to the basics : Usenet, IRC, Telnet. The good old time when we were few, happy, no spam… Why don’t we quit twitter ? And become a qwitter.


One thought on “What is twitter about ???

  1. Mandy Salomon

    Well why quitter when you can twingr? What Ning does for social networks, Twingr claims to do ( I have ot tried it) for microblogging. ie Keeps out the randoms


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