Regression, Repression, Renaissance

2015 : Annus Horribilis. Since fifteen years, the world has entered into regression. We are in a state of war which does not name itself. This war is not against ISIS, nor against terrorism; it is a war launched by populism against humanism.  

Loving your products to solve your management crisis

It is a typical October in Island of Skye. This magic place where water, peat and sky mix together, sometimes without any discontinuity, is not 100% covered by bed & breakfast. On its land is a mythical distillery for my generation: the Talisker. I will never forget when, in 1973, opened in Paris, near Cardinal… Read More »

How to build democracy 2.0

We have on one hand an old world, based on the values ​​of the past, and which refuses to move-on. And on another hand a dynamic new world, enterprising, but badly abused by the former. In politics, the old world is called representative democracy. Everyone knows its major flaw: what people need to say to… Read More »

2014, the year of Digital Renaissance

  I used to talk about Internet disruptions. Well, I have changed my mind, and I have decided to now focus on “Digital Renaissance”, which is reflected in the title of this blog. Why so ? What we are experiencing now is what people experienced during the Renaissance : being torn between the technology, which… Read More »

A visit to Ishiguro’s lab

  At only 93 km away from the very old Buddhist city of Koya-San, is a most fascinating place : the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory, directed by Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro, which is part of Osaka University.  

Google+1 real statistics…

I am a big fan of Gary Hayes Social media counter, which I use in all my conferences, and constantly has a huge success. Interestingly, I have always the same question : “is it really in real time” and of course, the answer is no, Gary keeps on finding sources for computing derivatives, and introduces… Read More »

Do corporate understand knowledge workers ?

It begins with a little unimportant event. I was at Washington Ronald Reagan airport, having a Delta flight to Boston. Being a Air France platinium, I used to have access to the lounge in the US, Delta being a member of sky team. I therefore thought that I could step in, even with my french… Read More »

The life of a “Hadopi Labs” expert – 2

The working program at Hadopi labs has now started. A first draft of the working groups has been presented to the members of the college, and work is going on. The program will be published soon, albeit in french. This is for the official side of Hadopi. Now, there is still a lot of reluctance… Read More »

The life of a “Hadopi Labs” expert – 1

I have been recently nominated as one of the seven Hadopi labs experts. I have never liked the Hadopi law. I wrote this publicly on my blog, in french and in english. I deeply believe that it does protect the past and does prevent innovation in the business models of music, and content in a… Read More »